We choose the mantra of creativity over conventions to build immaculate Web-Solutions.

Web Design

If you see your enterprise as a pioneer in the future, a strong, appealing website should be your benchmark to drive your business up. We bring out the ideal picture on-screen as imagined by our customers by creating UIs, skins and templates as they imagine.

Web Development

Kordahi's development hub is considered as the most preferred in Nigeria due to sublime results. Our tips and tricks, gathered from real-time experiences will definitely formulate your current website to be a way better place to browse.

Mobile Apps

To decipher the riddle of cross-platform App compatibility, Kordahi Technologies, Nigeria have accomplished bold and beautiful apps, compatible with Android, iOS and windows users. We offer complex API integrations, toolkit premium upgrades, cross-platform linking and languages.

Online Marketing

Kordahi Technologies is good at targeting key areas and audience that actually cares about your business. Increasing clicks, configuring Google ads and page-views per day is our prime focus for your website.

Why Kordahi ?

Before a project is finally delivered, several iterations are run collaboratively within different teams to call it “clean” on every perspective and parameter.

Process Driven Methodologies with a large client base developed in a single year.

A pioneer in foreseeing Solutions, exceeding client expectations and thus keeping its commitment for delivering unparalleled services.

A development team with every individual pertaining certification in different technologies.

Bringing your business at your customer’s fingertips, cross-platform mobile app solutions for every scale business.

A complete cluster in itself with complete cycle of solutions running simultaneously and extending its feet towards pinnacle with every project turning into success.

One of the rare IT firms of Nigeria with immense Rapport, Corporate values and a heap of experience under the belt.

Metamorphic, extensible and potent Technologies to keep the product development cycle on course and at the top of the bend within the marketplace.


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Latest Works

Team's desire and hunger to build the future; help them exploit newest tools and technologies. Cast our recent success on web:

Web Development

Eax Auto Repair


Game Round-Ups

Web Design, Web Development

Value First Mart

Web Design, Web Development

The SMS Hub

Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development

Northern Star


From code-bricks to market-laws, get to know what's our insiders say about trending trends.

| 17-Aug-2016

Website design is probably the first thing that your users would come across when they visit your website.

News | 15-Jun-2016

Most businesses think that they have the next million dollar app that will boom into the market, but, in the end, they find out there are millions of apps already struggling to gain a recognition a

News | 26-Mar-2016

Every organization aims to yield high profits. This makes them opt for IT services in order to elevate their business' efficiency and generate more profits.

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