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Java website development company in lagos

Kordahi Technologies, equipped with accomplished and talented Java professionals serve as the leaders for Java web development in Nigeria. With the JRE version reaching to its 8th major upgrade, Our Java web development company in Nigeria keep an eye on the consequences that shall affect compatibility and integration with these changes. This helps our clients to get a Java architecture, which can easily configure with any device or setting.

Exercising best elements of Java, which includes UI techniques, Debugging, Web solution and testing, Performance tuning, Real-time config, caching is our team's basic regime at the office. These measures help us to control quality and security while enhancing the code for hi-end standards and completion within time-frame. Connecting with our Java website development company in lagos will give your company the credit of running the online business with an ideal web outline and becoming a competition in the market to beat.

We can assist you with:

  • Our Java web developers provide a robust system that can sustain longer with new updates around the web.
  • We are committed to provide authentic and secured designs for client applications.
  • Our engineers are capable of writing the Java code from scratch and build them fluent and secured on every ground.

A Team of Pros which excels in:

  • Web Application Development
  • Applet and Website Development
  • Web Services and Product Development
  • Java based Mobile Development
  • Customized Java Development Services
  • Application Programming, Maintenance and Support Service

Technical Proficiency of Our Java Web Development Company in Nigeria

  • Core Java: Java Server Faces, Java Server Pages/ Servlets, JDBC, Java Naming and Directory Interface, Java-mail, Swing, Applets,Enterprise Java Beans and so on
  • ORM Frameworks: Java Persistence API, iBatis, Top Link and Hibernate
  • Web Application Development Frameworks: Oracle ADF, JBoss Seam, Google Web Toolkit, Wicket, Tapestry, Spring and Struts 2.0
  • Web Services Technologies: UDDI, SOAP, WSDL and XML
  • Application IDE Tools: Eclipse and Oracle JDeveloper
  • Testing Tools: JUnit

Benefits of Hiring Our Java Web Development Company

  • Feel free to connect to us via Skype, phone, hangouts or e-mail us for any query.
  • Discuss your budget with us and we will accordingly present our part time, full-time or hourly plans.
  • Industry ridden Java professionals keen to learn and develop more as a team.
  • Time bound project completion while exercising best development techniques.
  • We push our work to supreme standards with excellent IT infrastructure.

List of API’s Used by us

  • Java API for XML-based RPC and Web Services
  • Java Transaction and Authorization Services
  • Java Persistence and Messaging Service
  • Streaming API for XML and Java Architecture for XML Binding
  • Web Services Metadata for Java Platform

Websites and web-apps made in Java needs commitment, talent and experience to be executed successfully. But once they are online, they are capable of reaching on top of search results within no time with tempting navigation. So, if you wish to build your Java application, make sure you assign the task to the best Java website development company in the industry as Kordahi Technologies.

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