Marketing Trends That are Predicted to Be Popular in 2016

Technology | 12-Mar-2016

Marketing Trends That are Predicted to Be Popular in 2016

According to the industry experts, “Marketing and advertising is all about doing the right things at the right time”. Trends keep changing with time and if you are not keeping up with the latest trends, chances are that you might go out of fashion. So, the things are quite easy to understand – if you don't want to be lost in the crowd, you have to follow the lane that you are in.

Before I tell you about what trends are predicted to be popular in 2016, I would like to put some light on what has been popular in 2015 but seem slowing down in 2016.

Social Media Marketing slows with time ... but will continue to expand's good to be social and put ahead your brand image, but, things have changed greatly over the past years and Social media marketing no longer creates an impact on your readers because your readers don't have time to read what you have posted on your social media page except, a few rare cases are always there. They will just have a look and bounce to the other page so to make them stay on your page, you need to do something extra.

Bulk Link Building is a spam...

The trend of building links in bulk has almost faded away a long ago. In 2015, we haven't seen someone making bulk links as a part of their marketing strategy.

And now, let's move on to the trends that seem to catch up pace in 2016...

1. Mobile

This will not surprise you anymore if I say that use of mobile phones have surpassed the desktops. 2015 was the year of mobile phones. Wait! Somebody would ask..what about 2014, 2013 and 2012?  Were they not popular for mobilephones? Yes! This may not seem appropriate to count 2015 as a year of mobile phones but yes! 2015 has done great exceeding the previous numbers with their awesome demand! This is prompting SEO marketers to prepare strategies to optimize mobile search engines – which is indeed, a powerful way to advertise products for the businesses.

2. Digital Marketing

The world is getting digital! You may heard this over and over again. Content is king and it will still remain the king in the year 2016. Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid marketing and Google AdWords – all of them are on the high end of the graph. Without digital, life would be hard to imagine!

3. Wearable Devices

As devices continue to impact our world, wearable technology seems to be popular in the year 2016 with 28% adoption rate. How does it help marketers? Indeed, with wearable devices, there will be more data for the marketers to target.

4. Videos

Explaining your business through videos, the hottest trend of 2015, will continue to be popular in the year 2016. Readers having such a short time span can grasp more information through videos – which is why, they are so popular for advertising purposes and have been used for years!

Marketing your products on the internet has never been so easy if you know the right tactics. With all the craze growing among the digital audience, it's natural for the digital marketers to adapt to the changing technological advancements and the above mentioned marketing trends are on the top of the list for the year 2016!


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