finesse iphone app developers in nigeria

iphone app development services in nigeria

With a net worth of almost 1.2 trillion dollars, Apple is the most valuable company in the world and iPhone generates more than 70% of its revenue every year. Kordahi's iphone app developers in nigeria brings the joy to every iPhone user by developing apps with precision and finesse at the same time. With grooming changes in the UX section and more tension for developers, iphone app development company in lagos, Nigeria takes the responsibility of developing quality driven apps, no matter what riddle they face. Areas like advanced search algos, 3D touch, harnessing GPU rendering and other numerous modifications have changed the way of developing an App for iPhone.

The iPhone customer base gives most conversions than any other platform and that's why our developers use their important time in making it more friendly, affordable and yet systematic and operational. More engaging is the App, more will be the revenue earned from it. We have the cavalry of top notch developers, who have witnessed the major transformation for building an app. That's why, we can guarantee a 100% error free app with tempting designs and graphics.

Whether you want to rebuild an iPhone application from scratch or need customary changes in the current version, we welcome our clients to offer them the best iphone app development services in nigeria. Faster execution times, less memory consumption, scintillating graphics and stringent quality standards are some of our threshold parameters to maintain.

Our developed iPhone apps mainly confine to categories of Travel, Finance, News, Sports, Business, Health and Fitness, Social Networking, Weather Reporting and so on.

Here is the Illustration of Our Services

  • Social Networking Apps
  • Games Development for iPhone
  • Custom Native iPhone Applications
  • GPS Enabled Apps
  • Enterprise Level iPhone Applications Development
  • Client-Server Based iPhone Applications

How We are a Perfect Fit for Your Business?

  • From small time startups to grand names of the industry, we have developed apps for every category and audience.
  • Industry standards are kept as minimum benchmarks when it comes to quality of our apps.
  • Our strong technology competency and transparent development process make us an ideal choice.
  • Our professional team has 5+ years of experience in delivering the most superior iphone app development services in nigeria.

List of Tools and Technologies Which We Use

  • Objective C/C++
  • IM and Email
  • XCode(4.3) IDE
  • GPS Positioning
  • iPhone SDK, Cocoa and Swift
  • Accelerometer
  • Multi-touch and QuickTime
  • IMPS
  • Image and Audio
  • Categories for Which We Have Developed iPhone Apps
  • Real Time Applications
  • Gaming Apps
  • Audio/Video Streaming Apps
  • Applications Based on Location, Calendar, Finance and Banking
  • Social Networking
  • Reality Apps and Enterprise Applications

Our client's footnotes and feedbacks are our confidence booster and one of the many things, we feel pride upon. Our clients' satisfaction and recommendations to the others keep our iphone app developers in nigeria on the run. We always take time to understand, what they need and work accordingly. The subtle and robust approach of the team is the basis of our success in recent times. So, if you also want to own a successful iPhone app, you are already at the right place.

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