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Competing in a web 2.0 environment urge the need of some advanced tools powered with a great framework. Yii, as small it may sound possesses a vast majority of features that can be incorporated to build a solid website. Our proficient members of yii development company in Nigeria are a good consultant and yii development service providers in Nigeria. Written in PHP5, the open source framework exhibit wide spectrum of class reference tutorials, which offers maximal re-usability in web apps and thus improving the overall process considerably. 

Faster execution time, advanced security protocols and exceptional operation handling make it a dream space for developers. Withstanding shoulder to shoulder with its PHP counterparts, our yii development company in Nigeria propose this framework as the ideal choice for businesses having complex priorities and need a viable framework for a long future. With superb results from many big names, the framework is already becoming favourite of both developers and business owners.

Why to Go with Yii?

  • Presence of AJAX- enabled Widgets
  • No More Writing on Complex and Repetitive SQL statements
  • Easy to Change the Website’s Outlook with Skinning and Theming Mechanism
  • Role-based Access Control for Built-in Authentication Support and Authorization
  • Quick Code Generation for Form Input and CRUD Like Features
  • Works Excellently for Message Translation, Number Formatting, Date & Time Formatting and Interface Localization
  • Protective against Attacks such as Cookie Tampering, Cross-site Scripting, SQL Injection and Cross-site Request Forgery

What We Provide?

  • Yii based Application, Portal and Website Development
  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • Bespoke Application Development based on Yii

Why To Choose Our Yii Development Services in Nigeria?

  • Our team consists of experienced Yii developers.
  • Extensive knowledge in PHP Yii framework, HTML5, AJAX, XHTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • We are an expert in code mixing from Pear and Zend Framework into a Yii application and offer amazing end-results.
  • We offer services that are cost-effective, user-friendly and are of high-quality.
  • We are technologically superior and use top-notch methods for professional project management.
  • We deliver projects on-time with 100% quality assurance.

If you really want to manage a feature rich online store and be the apple of the eye of a million fans, get your best quote from Kordahi developers to attain the best of Yii Framework.

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