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social media marketing in nigeria

Social media is like the digital raven of your promotions, it flies and reach out to around billion of active users and spread the word for you. Having a website is never enough and Kordahi Technologies is your best choice for social media marketing in Nigeria to illustrate the importance of your business assets for your clients. With a team full of humor and social expertise, running engaging streams, creating trending topics, working on contests and sweepstakes to entertain the audience become easy and profitable. As a leading SMO service provider in Nigeria, we deploy our common strategies according to the purpose of our business and comprehensively attain business opportunities for you.

Benefits of Our Social Media Services in Nigeria

  • Instant results guaranteed with effective marketing tools.
  • Promote efficiently and gain more leads with posting on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Increased engagement means increased traffic and thus increased sales for your business.
  • Interactive scenario between you and your customers to keep everything in flow.
  • Inbound links and gaining link reputation is one of our prime focus.

Top Social Media Websites Which We Use For Your Business

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Blogs

Our Services for Social Media Marketing in Nigeria Include?

  • Virtual Marketing and Video Optimization
  • Groups and Community Participation
  • Facebook Advertising, Page Management and Social Media Audit
  • Managing Twitter Account
  • Profile Creation and Management at Linkedin
  • Google+ Page Management
  • Managing YouTube
  • Social Bookmarking

Take a Glance at Our Array of SMO Services

  • Frequency of updates will be according to the demand of a specific social platform to keep your audience in touch.
  • Making new followers and connections while connecting to counterparts of same genre of business.
  • Spreading the word and making it viral with our quality updates.
  • Press releases, articles with crucial information, daily curated content and lot more.

How We Market Your Business?

  • We do social media campaigning for your business by keeping it real, measurable and time-lined.
  • Before initiating any social activity we thoroughly analyse your competitor sites and then, implement the best marketing tactics to bring you on top ranks.
  • We use a range of social media hubs like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook etc to popularize your business globally.

With the realistic knowledge gained from many years of SMO work, we have got a unique Avatar in the World of social media marketing Nigeria. Ahead of time planning and spontaneous approach respective to the goal is what keeps us above the crowd. Being a top rated company in Nigeria, Kordahi Technologies leave no stone unturned to bring the best out of your products by presenting it to the right audience. For a lucrative omnipotence on Socia media, one needs smarter ways and hard work to attain the positive results.

We apply authentic techniques that will definitely become a vital positive to your online presence. Ask for your confusions and tell us your requirements, our support team is happy to assist you for everything related to social media. Be it annual marketing plans, online campaigns, stamp ads, emails or social media account management, our team has gone through every high and low of SMO and knows exactly where are the jackpots to catch and empty pots to avoid.

Hire Kordahi Technologies and witness promotions that were meant for your business!

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