3 Tools to remember, if you are a Smartphone App Developer

Technology | 19-Oct-2015

3 Tools to remember, if you are a Smartphone App Developer

Bring Life to your Apps and increase presence with these smart platforms for Smart-phone App building.


Build on Ruby, its an open-source integrated framework to develop cross-platform apps. But that doesn’t mean your knowledge to develop in multiple platforms has been thrown out of window. Say, you develop a business app on an android device, now you will now the real-time challenges, integral fuzz and end-product feasibility. Rhomobile just get rid of these things, by eliminating the need of developing redundant codes for same logic.

Its a quick way, if you want to extend your user-base instantly. RhoHub and RhoSync collectively are the part of its SDK. and being open sourced- you can use it free legally (Alas, you can use everything for free, illegaly).


Sounds like the name of a mythical ancient warrior, but Xamarin is modern. Modern enough to develop cross-platform apps by learning a single language and i.e. C#. Once you are done with the code, try to find the errors before launch or anyone else post the error with your name to defame your app, even before it gets fame. With real-time exception handling and real-time crash management ( i wonder, how would you manage a crash?), its a great way to build things flawlessly but comes at a cost ( i heard its $83 for monthly subscription).


If you know html, CSS and Jqueries well enough, PhoneGap is a treat for you. Needless to say, it's the most attention-grabbing cross-platform builder since the inflation hits China. Till now its completely free to use, but i fear Adobe will play the melodrama of enterprise tooling and also planning a free trial launch of next version. Be it any less popular or obscene platform like Symbian, Palm or blackberry,with a little knowledge, you can do wonders in the world of App Development.

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