Guest posting can still deliver after Google censure, Here's How?

Technology | 19-Oct-2015

Guest posting can still deliver after Google censure, Here's How?

If you are an obsessive SEO executive (if you are reading this blog, you certainly are), who can jeopardize his lunch, just to catch a single quality link, you must have heard the name “Matt Cutts”. Google's main man until 2014, tweeted many frightening things about Guest posting (Ghost Writing) and its consequences. Well most of that was true and should be happening considering the illegitimate methods, people are using to link-building. Even the honest knowledge bearer had to wave off with imposing rules. But, if you think Guest posting belongs to grave, well you are not exploiting it the right way. So, what's the deal with Guest posts?

Balance of Relevance and Authority is the key

We humans have a tendency to do easy things at first, to decree the check-list. Same is the case with guest posters, once they start guest posting, they go on to post on sites which allows them easily. They forgot that every high authority site, would like to see a clean, grammar-handy, catchy and current affair base article. This makes scarcity of websites to post, so they start posting on better but irrelevant websites to their business, which is neither a good plan. So, one has to know, how to related one business to the other in a blog post and thereby making it deserving enough for a link at an authoritative site.

So, my main focus here is put some valuable content on valuable sites. Enjoy the waiting time till you get one authoritative link. Once you get a successful link. Try to write better or if needed find better writers to turn your intellectual thinking into a linkable article. One strong link is way better than 100 weak links.

Placing a good guest post means more readers are reading you, you are getting the credit for attracting visitors through the link and mentions. Finding more readers means more traffic and thus more web-presence :). So, nex times if anyone says “Guest posting is a bad thing.” let him live in the same dilemma as you don't want to spoil your quality resources being used by only few people now.

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