The Hot Pan of Future Designs: Zero UI

Design | 19-Oct-2015

The Hot Pan of Future Designs: Zero UI

While we still don't know, will the envisage of most able design minds of world will get true (completely), but certainly getting closer to Zero UI will bring more easy interaction with technology. Being in a world, where apps are your services from around the world, UX designs has typically changed the way, we used to access our gadgets. UI is the next big dream for UX designers.

Not only confined to screen gadgets, Zero-UI is basically a concept which enhances user-experience by nullifying dependency on physical interfaces for instructions. The Wii, Microsoft Kinect are already ahead in the race, to provide the gamers, a feel of devices which are an extended parts of themselves. With Google already making a dig on Project Soli, different giants are researching on different plan of actions to foresee a world not with devices devoid of physicality but with something far less foreign and so native to their identity.

While we are still aristocrats of 2D planar designs, the “might be a never ending” road to Zero-UI can still find us a vantage point, where apps will perform on a 360 degree virtual-space with complete interaction to the environment. If I would pen it in plain language, being less tied to your electronic boxes will help you feel more ecological and free. Dreams are big, but not impossible!!

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